HRI Vitalion


Thanks to its formula, that is a complex of plant extracts, fruits, vitamins and minerals, HRI VITALION is highly recommended in the treatment of a large range of diseases and symptoms concerning the osteoarticular and cardiovascular systems.


HRI VITALION is an efficient solution in preventing, treating and relieving those health problems caused by the bad functioning of the osteoarticular and/or the cardiovascular system(s). To see the full list of the components please press the button below.

About Us

All HRI products are made of herbs, being the creation of Dr. Terry Gallagher, professor in biochemistry and founder of Herbal Research Institute (HRI) – a research institute based in Oxford, Great Britain. All HRI products are made by Surepharm Services Limited.

Where to buy

HRI VITALION is nationally distributed in drugstores, parapharmacies, and, among others: the pharmaceutical chains Catena, Sensiblu, City, Dona, HelpNet, and the stores Plafar. You can access the full list of drugstores and pharmacies by pressing the button below.

Press Releases

  • Celebrity Gala

Dr. Balint Iosif împreună cu Doamna Elena Merișoreanu la Gala Celebrităților 2014. Doamna Elena Merișoreanu a primit premiul la secțiunea folclor, iar dl. Dr. Balint Iosif la secțiunea medicină. La această gală au mai fost premiați personalități cum ar fii Klaus Iohannis, Simona Halep, Cristian Topescu, Leonard Doroftei, Dr. Radu Zamfir și multe alte personalități românești!

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In the Mass Media

  • Etno TV

Mr. Dr. Iosif Balint discusess about HRI Vitalion and HRI Water Relief products at the Sănătate înainte de toate TV show

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  • Nutrition for the elderlies with Vitalion

HRI Vitalion at the Ai grijă de tine TV show

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